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New year, new career: get a (sparkly) new career in tech this year!

It’s that time of the year and everyone is bubbly with the desire to be a better version of themselves, to make THIS the year that counts. While most people are thinking ‘I’m going to hit that gym’ or ‘No more Nutella at midnight’, or ‘I’m SO quitting smoking this year (cough)’ – you know you’re cooking something bigger under the hood. You might hide it under ‘regular’ New Year resolutions because even though you’ve seen it coming for a while now – it’s still scary, but deep down, you know what you want and you’re ready to take the plunge. You’re getting a brand new career. In tech. New year, new career!

You’ve been seeing the signs for a while now:

  • You might be severely burnout at work, not nearly challenged enough but knowing full well that you’ve got what it takes to do so much better – and you’re now all in to building a new life for you and your family  
  • You might have found yourself taking the occasional trip down memory lane, remembering all those things that used to make your eyes sparkle when you were young(er) but then… life happened. But you’ve recently caught yourself craving thy neighbour’s…. tech career 🙂
  • You might be in an industry that’s going nowhere fast due to the new technological advances, and that’s gotten you thinking hard about tomorrow; or, worse still, you’re already out of a job and the cheesy TV programs simply don’t do it for you anymore. Plus you’re done with the disapproving looks of those around you (not to mention your own nagging conscience)…

So whether it’s burnout, a heart-wrenching desire to prove yourself or to build a better life for your loved ones, the looming menace / reality of unemployment or an old dream surging, you know it for sure: the answer for you, your New Year resolution, is a career in tech. You still have to work out the details though – and they are anything but negligible. But hey, no worries: bookmark this page and come back often – you’ll find here everything you’ll need to make sure yours is a successful #transitionintotech! New year new career!

On a more personal note, this is my own ‘new year new career’ resolution!

This page is my own New Year’s resolution 🙂 – and I’m putting this out there so you can hold me to it, just like I plan to hold you to yours! Granted, there may not be a lot here now – but I’ve got plenty of quality content coming your way, so please be sure to come back. Often. We’ll explore together all the facets of transitioning into tech:

  • inspiration and motivation to keep you going
  • navigating the process, from research to decision to planning
  • resources to help you build the skills to make your a tech star
  • action paths for making the most of your new skills and
  • information galore to shine in that tech conversation!

In brief, a one stop shop to making your tech dream come true! Oh, and you can also find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter – so head over to your favourite platform and hit subscribe!

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