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Good news! Transition Into Tech is ready to feature your contribution.

The even better news?

Since this platform is all about inspiring, guiding and supporting people in their transition to a tech career, I’ve made the choice to give priority to people having gone through the very same process themselves. This makes SO much sense:

  • for the readers – because they can count on platform resources being prepared by people who have been in their shoes not long ago, and therefore have a 1st hand understanding of the needs of someone just getting started
  • for the contributors – because they get to showcase their new skills and knowledge, increase their visibility and, implicitly, stepping up their game on the job market.

So, just to be sure, who exactly can contribute?

YOU, if you’ve gone through a transition into tech yourself in your later 30s, 40s or beyond, and have something to say about it. I’m happy to feature you and your contribution regardless of:

  • What career you transitioned from / to – the more, the merrier
  • Where you are in your transition.
You're my person

I don’t have a lot of experience writing…

Not to worry – I’ll guide you each step of the way; I’m committed to making this an enjoyable and valuable experience for you – whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first time writer.

What can I do?

Here’s a quick outline of roles; to see the current openings, scroll a bit further down:

Guest authors

Guest authors are responsible for one or more Learning plans (see this example) or other resources. They:

  • Identify the basic skills needed to get started (move from zero to an advanced beginner, able to find their own way around)
  • List the tools needed, if any, and describe them + include suggestions of tutorials on how to use them
  • Curate learning resources – suggest effective and user-friendly learning resources for someone in their 40s or beyond

    Mentors leverage their experience and their expertise to advise people transitioning into tech. They:

    • Answer career-related + tech-related questions in the Transition Into Tech Accelerator – our Facebook community
    • Share relevant resources, articles etc. in the community

    Current openings

    Web development:

    • Guest author to draft & maintain the learning plan for Python
    • Guest author to draft & maintain the learning plan for Ruby
    • Mentors to answer questions – as wide or limited in scope as desired – on web development in the Facebook community (under construction – stay tuned!)

    Web design:

    • Guest author to draft & maintain the learning plan for Graphic design
    • Guest author to draft & maintain the learning plan for UX
    • Guest author to draft & maintain the learning plan for UI
    • Mentors to answer questions – as wide or limited in scope as possible – on web design in the Facebook community (under construction)

    Mobile development:

    • Mentors to answer questions – as wide or limited in scope as possible – on mobile development in the Facebook community (under construction)


    • Mentors to answer questions – as wide or limited in scope as possible – on cybersecurity in the Facebook community (under construction)

    Interested to SHARE YOUR STORY so others can be inspired? I’d love to hear from you and explore the best way to make your story shine.

    Is there ANOTHER TOPIC that you think is relevant and would like to see featured on the platform?

    Please get in touch – can’t wait to hear from you!

    Terms and conditions

    On your side:

    • Carry out the task you signed up for; immediately contact me if no longer able to help – and maybe suggest a replacement
    • Respect the specific guidelines that come along with the task (ex. style).
      • PS: you’re not a writer – but happy to put together a solid list of bullet points and arguments? No problem – I can do the write up!
    • Do not submit content already published elsewhere and do not republish anywhere else (SEO issues)
    • Join the Facebook community (stay tuned for more info!) and help promote the project.

    On my side:

    • I’ll attribute the work to you & feature you on the contributors page – with photo / description / any links you’d like us to point to (platform, social, GitHub…)
    • I’ll promote your work / contribution on social media and any other suitable opportunity
    • I’ll be happy to act as a reference / provide you a written recommendation
    • Your content (if guest author) will always be available for free on the platform
    • You’ll get our cool contributor t-shirt!!!

    The other stuff (the fine print 🙂 )

    • For the time being, these are all non paid / volunteer roles
    • While you’ll be prominently featured as the guest author of any contribution, you agree to transfer all rights to Transition Into Tech; this is to say that once you submit content and it’s published, you can’t
      • Publish it elsewhere
      • Request that it be unpublished (again, SEO & stuff)
    • I reserve the right to
      • Not publish / un-publish if issues (I’ll always notify and explain our decision, but our decision is final)
      • Edit (content, layout)
      • Repurpose the content (ex. extract info and create a social post etc.) – with attribution
      • Gate the content (it’ll ALWAYS be available for free – but might be, at some point, available only to logged in users); should this be the case – there’ll be a landing page describing the content and featuring you prominently as guest author.


    How wonderful – I’m dying to hear from you! Get in touch now!

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