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Add GitHub repo to LinkedIn profile

[VIDEO] Add your GitHub repo to your LinkedIn profile to boost your employability

Your LinkedIn profile is pure gold when looking for a job. It helps recruiters find you, and it helps potential employers find valuable information that can give you the competitive edge in for a job. Making sure you include all your assets actually DOES make a difference.

With this article I launch a series of to the point articles on practical, actionable things you can to to boost your employability. Today we look at how you can add your GitHub repo to your LinkedIn profile.

Why feature your GitHub account on LinkedIn?

As a developer looking for a job, having a rich GitHub repo means putting your best foot forward. It can help showcase your best projects, highlight your skills and make sure all your skills shine through. But… not if nobody can see it.

Most employers in tech companies will look you up on GitHub. However, tech jobs are not only available in tech firm (we’ll have a more in-depth look at that in an upcoming article). In the meantime – just keep in mind that most employers and definitely all recruiters will turn to LinkedIn to mine for information on your experience and competences. It stands to reason, therefore, that you should make sure your GitHub is featured prominently on your LinkedIn account.

That said, LinkedIn does not offer a dedicated ‘GitHub’ field in your account. Here’s how you can include your repo on your profile so it’s visible to recruiters:

  1. In your LinkedIn account, click on Contact info
  2. Next, click on the Edit button at the top right of the little window that opens
  3. Then, click on Add a website
  4. And from the drop down on the right, pick Other
  5. Add your GitHub url in the website URL field
  6. Then indicate GitHub in the next field – Type (other)
  7. Finally, click Save

And ta-daaaa – your GitHub repo now appears in your Contact info section, for recruiters and employers alike to see. We’ll take an in-depth dive in GitHub soon.

In the meantime – don’t have any of these accounts? No time to lose – get them now!

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