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Hi, I’m Ioana (with an i) and I came into tech, like you, fairly late and pretty much through the back door. This platform, Transition Into Tech, reflects and builds on my own journey and is the natural next step to the help I’ve been providing, informally, to many interested in a tech career.

A word about my transition…

With a background resolutely non-sciency, I discovered the world of tech as we explored career options for our adolescent daughter. The feminist that I am, I was startled by the gender imbalance in the industry. And so the seed was planted, which was hugely unexpected for me! You see, until very recently, this would have been completely inconceivable. A poster child for why women usually don’t end up in tech, I was all too happy to ditch the science classes and, sure enough, ended up on the humanities track. As I look backward, connecting the dots is easy; I can see clearly how my seemingly unrelated studies and my subsequent career transitions have laid a brick to the foundation of this  project:

  • As a social worker I developed my empathy muscle  and my sense of service
  • My  work in the non profit has taught me to jump in and find a solution where I see a problem / need
  • My degree in public administration has helped me see the macro, but work in the micro
  • My experience in community development taught me the value of community that has helped shape the Transition Into Tech Accelerator
  • My many marketing-related responsibilities have equipped me with the skills to promote this project
  • My 10+ career as a public servant in a European institution has shown me how to look beyond frontiers
  • Even the short stint in radio as a student has paved the way to the Transition Into Tech podcast
  • My experience as a trainer is the foundation for the courses I’m developing as we speak
  • Finally, my recent involvement in a variety of IT projects and the ensuing web-related Masters has brought about the final push and helped put it all together.

(the fact that I’m telling you this is not accidental, and it’s also not to toot my own horn! It’s merely to anticipate a theme that I’ll come back often to – of how you can use whatever  your previous experience to forge your new path, how you can leverage your transferable skills)

… and one about your own

I am thrilled to see you here! Chances are you’re in your late 30s – 40s (maybe even beyond); a man, a woman or your own blend, you’re looking to transition into tech beyond a first career. I imagine you looking for meaning, for a challenge, for a chance to prove yourself, for independence, for a more solid financial ground, for a renewed sense of purpose. And I see you determined to find it in tech.

Whoever and wherever you are, know that I am rooting for you and am looking forward to providing value to you!

About this project

This project started out as a graduation requirement in my MA program – but it didn’t take me long to realise that I could not drop it and that it was, in fact, the project that all the signs had been pointing to for so long. I created it hoping that my work will

  • encourage you to take the first step: help you explore your needs, motivations and what you bring to the table
  • inspire you to get started and stay the course: share stories of successful transitions that can motivate you to take that next step, and the following, and the one after that…
  • equip you with marketable skills: provide resources to help build the skills you need to transition successfully
  • help you put your new skills to good use by sharing strategies for getting a job, starting a business or working as a freelancer.
  • and finally, keep you informed of all things tech: you will be busy learning and forging your new path so it’ll be easier for you to have all information at your fingertips, in the same place

In brief, we’ll look together at the why, the what, and the how of transitioning. I will be adding lots of content regularly, so be sure to come back often!

But it’s not just me (nor should it be)

Soon after launch, it became clear that this is definitely beyond a one person job (as everything worthwhile is!).  I had to face the fact that tech is a BROAD field and, even with the best intentions, there was no way I could ever cover all the topics on my own. So I’m currently working to enhance the platform to welcome experience transitioners interested in sharing their experience with newcomers. If that sounds like you – here’s more info.

So, welcome to Transition Into Tech!

Nice to have you as travel buddy on this adventure that I’ve embarked on myself not so long ago. I aim, through this site, to bring you inspiration and equip you for a successful #transitionintotech, to help you make the best decisions, to keep you motivated when times get rough. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter so I can let you know when I publish resources that interest you.

Oh, and see how, despite my rather introverted nature, I made an effort to tell you all about me? Come on, drop me a line to connect (comments below / contact form / Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn 🙂 !

A smile,

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