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About the TECH NEWS EXPLAINED seciton 1

About the TECH NEWS EXPLAINED seciton

Bottom line: you’re crazy busy. This section helps by delivering to you the essentials in plain language, complete with background information and definitions of key terms. This is more helpful than you think; read here why.

You are working hard at building new skills and sweating at networking events and generally have plenty of on your plate (job, family, other responsibilities), so chances are you don’t have time to sift through countless sites to unearth all the relevant news. You might not even be able to tell, at this stage, what’s worthy of your attention and what isn’t. Yet keeping a firm finger on the pulse of the tech world is crucial a successful transition. Here’s why:

  • It complements your learning: chances are it’s all daunting to you – you don’t even know where to start reading and the amount of information available out sometimes feels paralysing. Or maybe you’ve tried to read the occasional tech news, but found articles to be borderline cryptic, since most major tech news presume pre-existing knowledge that don’t cater for your needs as a newbie.
  • It helps with your networking efforts: attending tech events, mingling at meetups etc. will help jumpstart your new career. But early on, you might dread attending because you’re worried that the other participants will sniff your insecurity from a mile away. You might be struggling with the impostor syndrome or just be worried that you won’t find any common interests, that you won’t know how to spark a conversation or that, when someone else does, you won’t be able to understand or contribute.
  • It provides added value in interviews or business meetings where referring to recent industry events and using professional jargon will prove to your interlocutor you’re ‘one of theirs’.

This is how this section is different from what you’ll be able to find on the major tech news outlets. My aim is to bring you the most relevant tech news – with a twist . I’ll:

  • Give you the essentials in plain language 
  • Tell you why it’s important and provide the background information that will help you have the full picture
  • Define key concepts 
  • Provide further resources so you can explore the issue more in-depth.

Staying in the know and following the trends is a crucial skill in any profession – but particularly so in a fast-evolving field like technology. Without a reflex to always find out what’s new, you’re sure to fall behind – and that doesn’t make sense since you’re already putting in all these efforts to build skills. So use my ‘custom-chewed’ pieces of news to round up your competence, to wow your job interviewer and / or as conversation starters to make the most of that networking event!

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