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About the LEARN section 1

About the LEARN section

Wow, big decision! You’re pursuing a tech career – and you’re now eager to get started. But a little Google search has left you as paralysed as you are excited…. There are SO many resources, and it’s hard cutting through all the noise. How are you to choose your best way forward, when you don’t even know what you’re looking for?

Not to worry – that’s what I’m here for. After years of going through exactly what you’re experiencing right now, I’ve now brought together all the resources you’ll need to get you from A to Z in record time. I’ve

  • Curated resources for you: I’ve gone through countless resources – sites, blogs, courses, tutorials etc. I’ve tried them out and picked out the best ones, then I organised them by level
  • New resources: where I could not find what I was hoping to find, or in areas that I had specific suggestions / requests from other people engaged in a career switch

My aim is to bring you the most useful resources to get you started on your tech journey. Here’s what you’ll find on this page:

  • Learning roadmaps for the main tech careers (big picture)
  • Learning plans for the various languages and technologies (detailed)
  • Tech news explained
  • Tech essential concepts explained
  • Toolbox series– a collection of articles dedicated to the crucial tech tools you’ll need

All these provide a good start for your learning; however, in a fast-evolving field like tech, continuous learning is the norm. If you stop learning as soon as you got that first job, you’re making a fenomenal mistake: you’ll be obsolete before you even begin. So keep coming back to this page and continue to grow.

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